Yenni Nayid Santamaría. Testimonial UTFSM USM

Yenni Nayid Santamaría

Colombia, 2016, Metallurgical Engineering, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

“The teachers have an amazing level”

Encouraged by gaining more experience about Chilean mining, the Colombian student is attending an exchange program at Universidad Santa María, where she will also do her final exam for graduation.

 How has your experience studying in Chile been?

 I’m studying metallurgical engineering and I came to Chile because I wanted to learn more about copper; my final thesis is based in this mineral. I’m 22 years old and everything is new to me. It has been amazing to live near the ocean, in comparison with Colombia, where I live in the mountain area.

 What do you feel about studying in one of the best universities in Chile and with a high reputation in the region?

 My experience at the university has been very good. I enjoyed the internship a lot; I think that it is a great complement for students. Teachers also have an amazing high level.

 What surprised you the most about Chilean mining?

A lot of things have surprise me. For example, I like that mining here take care of the environment; my project is related to that area. I’m from the countryside, so I feel that you grow up learning to value everything. But what really calls my attention is that Chile is achieving a responsible mining, in fact a lot of mines are implementing biotechnology, which is very important to us engineers.

 What would you say to other students about your experience of studying in Chile?

I would definitely recommend students to come and learn here, because it is best to learn from those who have experience in the field. Additionally, this helps you to develop as an engineer. In Colombia there is no much copper, but we have other kinds of minerals, so this allows you to do an analogy between the minerals found here and the minerals you find in Colombia. Then, you can find out which processes could be implemented there to advance the element improvement process.