Yamil Otomdo

Bolivia, Journalist

My journey started last November, when I got a call from my University. “You’ve been accepted. You’re leaving next year”. I couldn’t refrain myself from jumping joyfully, because I had been looking after this opportunity for so long and it finally arrived. After a hard effort, a reward this big was very gratifying.

Once in Chile, I had no problems adapting. I met great people through these months, who helped me during my stay, and also amazing mates with whom I’ve shared endless experiences.

Academically, my semester in the city of Antofagasta has been excellent. If my desire at the beginning was to live a learning experience, now that the semester is over, I can attest that this objective was fully fulfilled. Audiovisual and social projects in which I had the chance to participate have been great, because they allowed me to work in the two areas in which my career as a journalist focuses currently.

If I had the chance of repeating this experience, I would take it a million times.