Wu Jingjing – UST

China, 2015, Spanish, Santo Tomás Educación Superior

I still can’t believe that I’ve been living for four months in this remote country. When I see The Andes Mountains every day when I wake up, it reminds me that I’m 20 thousand kilometers away from my town.

From the first moment, I was very impressed with the diversity of landscapes and nature in Chile, so when it was time to select a country for the exchange, I had no doubts about choosing it. And it didn’t disappoint me. I feel the passion and kindness of people every day, even strangers say hello nicely and the drivers always let you pass first. I feel the prosperity of the city; the bars at midnight are usually packed.

I also see the beauty of landscapes that are very different from China. Regarding the university, it is the first time I experienced an open and free classroom. I have to say thank you to the teachers, who speak slowly to help us and our classmates, who answer patiently.

Chile, thank you for the surprises. Even though maybe I won’t have the opportunity to come back here, the experience of living here will be something I’ll treasure for life and an unforgettable memory.