Wang Yin - Universidad Santo Tomás

Wang Yin – UST

China, 2015, Spanish, Santo Tomás Educación Superior

Times go by quickly. Happy moments seem to pass by even faster, and now I realize I’ve been in Chile for almost 9 months. The year I’ve been in Chile, my second home, is the best present I’ve received in my life.

When talking about Universidad Santo Tomas my first words are Thank you! I can’t even find words to say thank you to the people who helped me unconditionally, including my teachers, classmates, friends and even some strangers.

I remember that all the teachers would always send the class texts ahead of time so that we would have enough time to read them. They would also encourage us to express ourselves during class. My classmates were very tolerant with all my questions.

Chile is also a very accommodating place to live, with a nice weather, beautiful landscapes and, most importantly, nice people. I had a wonderful birthday in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. I saw the snow for the very first time in Valle Nevado. In Torres del Paine I was surprised to see such a different landscape from my country. During these trips I was always very lucky to meet people who helped me and were great companions.

It’s sad to think that all of these things are about to end, but I will always value these experiences, the happy moments, the lessons learned, and finally all the things that will never be forgotten.

Chile, thank you for all you offered to me. I will miss you so much when I’m back to China. I wish you the best!