perfil Victoria

Victoria Kulpanowska

Germany, 2012

My experience in Chile was unforgettable.  In fact, it was the best half-year of my life! I wouldn’t change  the experiences, memories and friendships I made for nothing! It’s been a couple of months since I returned home and I still miss my dear Chile, specially the friends I made, who I will always remember fondly! What we lived in Chile is priceless.

Universidad Mayor was a key point in my Chilean experience. This is where I met the people who changed my life during the semester. This is where I learned about the country, its culture, history and people. Specially, through the trips and activities arranged for us. I thank Universidad Mayor with all my heart for what they made me live in Chile.

After returning and finishing studies in Germany, I went to Berlin to work for the chilean embassy. There is no doubt that my experience in Santiago changed me forever, and now I feel at least half-Chilean in my heart.