Vanessa De Assis Bayersdorfer

Vanessa De Assis Bayersdorfer – UAutonoma

Brazil, 2015, Law, Universidad Autónoma de Chile

I had always wanted to study abroad, but never had the chance. And as the UNIDAVI -which is my university in Brazil- has an agreement I decided to sign for it, I got to pass the selection process and went here. It was the first time I left home and I was a little afraid to adapt because I had never had contact with the Spanish language, so learned in Chile. I arrived on January 1st, and it was great because I had three weeks of intensive Spanish classes, and the support of many friends who helped me with in language and in the University. Here at Universidad Autónoma I had the support of everyone.

I also played for the women soccer team at the University and I had a slight injury where I fractured my nose, but they helped me with everything, both teachers and the people in charge in the University. It was a very good experience, both in class and in sports, because playing for the University was very rewarding.

I’m going back to my country with a broader view of my career and life, because I grew a lot as a person.