Sylvain Boissier Foto

Sylvain Boissier

France, 2014, Commercial Engineer

Neither Santiago, the vibrant capital of Chile, nor Valparaiso, the center of cultural activities and celebrations, were options for Sylvain Boissier. Instead, he decided to study in a small city called Talca located at about 300 km south of Santiago. “What helped me with my decision was the fact that in Talca the people are more welcoming, there is a quiet environment, and the city has one of the best universities in the country, the Talca University” explains Sylvain.

Talca proved to be the right decision for Sylvain as it helped him developed new projects, like creating a team of his favorite sport: rugby. “Together with some friends we created the Talca Rubgy Club of the university. We offered continuous training for the athletes who were interested in joining our team and we have participated in regional and national championships. We haven’t had big accomplishments yet, but little by little we are creating a strong team”. He explains with enthusiasm.

Sylvain arrived to Chile in July, 2013 and joined the Commercial Engineer program. “The Talca University is beautiful, but what impressed me the most was its high level of academic achievements, I think there is no doubt that it is one of the best universities in the region. But, I have to say that what I really enjoyed the most about living here was the people from Talca, they are truly a nice community.”

Sylvain was so captivated by Talca and its university that he decided to come back a year later “I came back to Chile for my internship and I’m currently in charge of the Communications, Marketing and International Relationships Department of the university. I also continue in charge of the rugby team that the university allowed me to develop with open arms”.