Sven Harlieb – UAndes

Germany, 2013, Business Administration , Universidad de los Andes

I decided to go to Chile to improve my Spanish in a safe, structured and developed place. At Universidad de Los Andes I had great teachers and I enjoyed the campus, I really like that the faculties are all in one place.

Understanding the language and the local idiom was fun. In Chile when I say that I have a “girlfriend”, everyone thinks I’m engaged, for the word’s meaning here. “Floor” in Spain means “department” and here in Chile is like “plant”. It’s a bit weird, but after three weeks you know it all and you get used, thanks to the help of the godparents that you receive when you arrive at Universidad de Los Andes.

Going on exchange was a unique experience that allowed me to live without my parents, making new friends, speaking a new language, learning a new culture and traveling a lot.