100_3724 - copia

Sully Marcela Quintero Suarez

Colombia, Civil Engineering

One winter morning, I arrived to Chile with big dreams, expectations, excitement and hope. I left this beautiful country that welcomed me in the best way, with people that helped me each step of the way, every stumble, each break. I met magnificent people that made this the best experience ever, and with whom I enjoyed many parties . Thank you Chile because you gave me a family, although very far from home, you made me feel at home even though it was a thousand miles away… Big thanks also to Universidad Mayor, for giving us a space in such an excellent exchange group and to my colleagues for accepting me so graciously.

Thank you CHILE, truthfully I left your lands with tears, tears of sadness for leaving what was my place for five great months, but also mixed with happiness because I returned to my country with many new experiences, new understandings and so many adventures… LONG LIVE CHILE! We will see each other again.