Sens Bastien – PUCV

France, 2015, International Business degree - commercial Engineer , Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

“I’m from Versailles, near Paris and arrived 2 months ago to Chile, I picked Valparaiso by chance. I was an exchange student in Buenos Aires and I heard some good things about Valparaiso, like that it was nice and was close to the ocean, so I decided to go to this city for my next exchange.”

He says that “I like Valpo a lot, it is a very nice city with very cool people, lots of parties, so for us who are exchange students that is great” he laughs.

As he was coming from Buenos Aires and spoke Spanish, Sens says that “It was not hard to get used to the city, but, Valparaiso is different from big cities and living here is much friendlier. I love the environment at the university too”.