Sara Díaz

Peru, 2015, Commercial Engineering

Sara Díaz, student from Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann, Tacna Perú, had 4 countries as options for studying abroad, but she never doubt about choosing Chile and join the study plan at Universidad Católica del Norte, especially after learning more about the commercial engineering syllabus from the university and the university’s ranking in the country.

“My experience was very nice, the people are very friendly and my classmates helped me a lot. In fact, I think that in UCN the study group environment and teamwork are way better. I also liked the University’s facilities and the city is very modern and organized” explains Sara. At the beginning she was very homesick, but in time she found great friends from Mexico, Chile and other countries who made her feel at home.

One of the experiences she enjoyed the most was the visit she made with some of her classmates to Paranal Observatory, located at 130 KM from Antofagasta and that has four telescopes of 8,2 meters wide and that can make individual or joined observations. “I was shocked by the technology, and our guide offered a very interesting tour in the observatory.”