samuel 1

Samuel Stone – UVM

United States, 2014, Spanish Course, Universidad Viña del Mar

I took my Exchange program in Chile fron August to December 2014. While I was studying at San Diego State University, I decided to apply to Universidad de Viña del Mar.

I loved my time in Chile. I liked everything about my exchange there: the churches, the cities, the friends I made, traveling, food, etc. UVM was different from my university in the USin a lot of ways, because everything is smaller and customized. I also liked my Spanish courses. It was hard at first, but it really helped me to improve my Spanish.

I have a friend, also a “gringa”, who is working on his visa to come to Chile in July because I recommended it.
It was a spectacular experience. I have already recommended the UVM and Chile to all my friends. I miss Viña del Mar a lot and look forward to returning.