samuel navarro

Samuel Navarro – UST

Mexico, 2016, Santo Tomás Educación Superior

I can say that the exchange program to Chile marked a turning point my personal and professional life; this experience allowed me to grow my ambitions in life and awakened my desire for travelling around the world.

At the beginning the change was difficult, but then it turned into something exciting and enriching, because as time passed by I got to learn more about the culture, its landscapes and having new friends, Chileans and from other nationalities. Since the country is close to places like  Eastern Island, Brazil and Argentina, I was able to travel there.

During my stay in Chile, I was lucky to do an internship in one of the best hotels in Santiago, which was a unique opportunity with a lot of learning experiences. Likewise, I had the chance to share an apartment with 5 French guys who became my family and motivated me to learn about their culture.

Thanks to the experience of being an exchange student in Chile, I’m currently in France finishing my last internship which makes me very happy and thankful because this is a result of the exchange program.

I hope to be back so that we can share a “mote con huesillo” or a glass of wine. Chilean, of course.