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Rigoberto Sanchez-Medina

Mexico, 2006

My time at Universidad Católica del Norte was was one of my top experiences as a student, and enriched my point of view on the world. Sincerely, as soon as I have the chance, I will go back to this country that opened its doors for me, and visit my Chilean friends who helped me get to know it. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I chose different classes at two faculties, which enriched my experience, since I was able to interact with freshmen classmates, sophomore classmantes, and students that were about to finish studying; we all shared our love for studying and science. What motivated me the most was the high level of commitment shown by everybody.

Coquimbo and La Serena are peaceful cities that transmit a warm sensation to its visitors. Coquimbo is a port that is very similar the city where I was born, which helped me feel more at home.