Paul 1

Paul Beaurepaire – UVM

France, 2015, Business Courses, Universidad Viña del Mar

I study at INSEEC Business School, Paris, and I studied in Chile between February and July 2015.

I wanted to go to Chile because it was my dream since I was a child, but also because I am interested in its wine, culture and people, as they always seemed nice and open minded. What I loved was the generosity of Chileans and their kindness. About the food, it’s very different, but it’s so good. I loved ‘empanadas’.

About the University, courses are excellent and there is time to travel and discover the wonders of Chile (it was very important for me to be able to travel). Something funny about the experience was the difficulty of understanding the language at first, because the Spanish of Chile is very different from the Spanish we learned in school.

All in all, my trip was a success: I met some great people, saw beautiful things, learned a lot and I obviously want to go back, because there is still much to do in Chile.