Mzeo Mzevinar – UV

Germany, 2015, Universidad de Valparaíso

I’m Mzevinar, from Georgia, but I study in Germany and I came here in an exchange program at Universidad de Valparaíso for 3 months. I love to temporarily live in other countries and learn about their culture, traditions, people, food etc. Valparaiso is my favorite city! I love to live in this city, I love the buildings in the city and in the hills, and they are so colorful with wonderful graffities, with the hill elevators and hill viewpoints of the ocean and the port. At the moment I only have good experiences with Chileans. My teachers at the university are very friendly as well as my classmates. People here are open and they live life happily. I also enjoy the Chilean food a lot, specially the “cazuela” (soup) and the seafood empanadas.

I have visited other cities near Valparaiso and the Concon Dunes; it is “BACAN” (cool). I also visited Chiloe and the town around and “palafitos”. In a few months my semester here will be over and I’m going to travel to the south and north of Chile. I would recommend everybody to visit Chile with its wonderful nature and landscapes. I can say that I will be returning to Germany shortly to continue with my studies and I will take with me very good memories of Chile. I will miss the times spent here a lot.