Foto Moisés

Moisés Nassi – USS

Mexico, 2013, Business Administration , Universidad San Sebastián

I felt excitement and happiness when I received my acceptance letter from Universidad San Sebastián. I wanted to know Chile, I was fascinated about the idea of being there and meet a different culture, their habits, their traditions, their customs, and everything I could possibly learn.

I have been in Gran Santiago for almost three months now -an enormous but very peculiar city-, and life has already given me great gifts: I’ve had the opportunity to relate with a Chilean family, to value my real family while being away from them, and feeling more closely the presence of The Lord in my life.

It is important to highlight that Chileans are very friendly people and very open minded. They never stare at you just for being foreign. On the contrary, the are always pleased of being chosen as destination for studying abroad.

This experience is not over for me yet and it gets better day by day. All that is left to say is that Chile is beautiful!