Mayra Rodrigues – UDD

Brazil, Journalism, Universidad del Desarrollo

In Chile, I feel in the “country of poets”. In here I’m living a complete cultural, linguistic and even gastronomical change. After almost 13 months living in Concepción, I’ve discover who fascinating it is to meet new people, try to speak another language, learn more about the Chilean culture, and, at the same time, begin able to share with Chileans some of my own culture. In here I’ve created new bonds of friendship.

A small attention, a “good morning”, a warm touch, or a gift have been all caring gestures that I’ve received while being here, and It’s something that I admire, something that makes me reevaluate different behaviors and ways of thinking. Besides –  among completos and empanadas, piscola and mango sour, mountains and wind – I’ve discovered that the DJs only play the chorus of every song, that dress all bundled up is a tendency, and that, even when there is sun, is not warm like in Brazil.