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Maximiliano Marenghi

Italy, 2008, Magister

It was 2008 when I decided to leave everything behind and live an experience abroad. It was a hard decision at first, but one that turned out to be crucial in my life. Why Chile? Because I’ve always felt attracted to Latin America, to its cultural mixture, and because I wanted to look back to Italy and Europe from somewhere overseas. I had the chance to compare Chile’s reality with European lines of thinking and legislation, which increased my awareness towards certain topics and even motivated me to change my mind over some of them.

The Chilean university system is very efficient, and allows everyone to keep calm and study with conviction and love, overcoming the distance with the mother land. The structure of the Master degree I studied is well organized, because both programs (Italian and Chilean) relate, and, at the same time, follow parallel paths towards a common objective.

Through the University’s foreign program I was able to immerse myself in Chile, through the conferences, shows and trips it arranges for foreign students. I was lucky to make lots of friends, and I have kept in touch with all of them even after all these years. So much so that I returned to Chile in 2012 just to see everyone again. I also received here in Italy some of my friends and their families when they decided to come to study in my University. I will carry this experience with me as a cultural baggage for the rest of my life. And whenever someone asks me if it was worthy to come to Chile, my answer always is: “Certainly, it was!”

I would like to thank Tuscia University and Universidad Mayor for giving me the opportunity of living this part of my life so differently to what could have been if I have stayed in Italy.