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Matteo Avanzato – UDD

Italy, 2016, Film Studies, Universidad del Desarrollo

Matteo Avanzato, an Italian student, wanted to live a new experience and decided to do an exchange in Chile. Five months later, when his stay in the country is coming to the end, he tells us how “amazing” the experience here was.

“I chose Chile because some friends came here before and they told me the country was very good. Before traveling, I didn’t know much about Chile, but I knew Violeta Parra, Neruda and the sad story of Pinochet and the military coup”.

“My experience living here has been amazing. I leave my heart here, a half for my friends and the other half for a Chilean girl.”

“During this time, I have learned a lot of Chilean words, the one I like the most is ‘miti mota’, (to share something in equal parts) learned it from the Chilean people, in the street. I learned the Chilean expressions poh’ and cachai on my own. Also, as I like music a lot, I discovered the sound of Nano Staern, Los Tres, Chico Trujillo and Moral Distraída”.

During his exchange He did not hesitate for a minute to travel, so his footsteps toured the Chile-Bolivia-Perú route and also, took him to his favorite place: Patagonia.