Matheus De Souza Santana

Brazil, 2016

Matheus Santana is from Brazil and he is in his third year of Veterinary Medicine at the Universidad Católica Dom Bosco, in the city Campo Grande if the region of Mato Grosso del Sur. Thanks to the Iberoamericana Santander scholarship, he is attending one semester at the Universidad Austral de Chile.

“Before selecting the country where I wanted to do my exchange program, I studied a lot all the possibilities that the scholarship offered. Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Colombia were some of the alternatives, but I finally picked Chile because it is a country where you can find everything, from very cold weather, to very hot weather. And the Chilean education is very prestigious”, explains Matheus, who has been studying for two months at the Universidad Austral de Valdivia and is planning on extending his exchange until the end of the year.

During the time Matheus has been studying in Chile, he has been able to travel to the south of the country, which he thinks is amazing; “different landscapes to the ones I’m used to, it’s much colder here than in my city, but this hasn’t been a problem for me”, expressed the Brazilian student.

About his experience in the university, Matheus says that “it has been very good; I never imagined studying another language. Before coming here I studied a little Spanish, but studying here is something else. It is harder but at the same time it is more rewarding”.

Another thing that the Brazilian student likes about his stay is the possibility of knowing the local fauna, with animals like foxes, sea lions and penguins, although he says that he is eager to see a llama, “I have learned so much here, for example the artificial insemination in llamas, something I would have never learned in my country”, expresses Matheus.