María Monreal Otano

Spain, 2016, Journalism, Universidad de los Andes

“Chile is a country that offers an incredible cultural experience”

Charismatic, fun and committed to her degree, María Monreal is a student attending the third year of journalism who recently joined an exchange program at Universidad de los Andes. Her adventurous spirit and love for editing inspired her to record each of her experiences in Chile together with her friend Paula. Anecdotes, landscapes, travels and more of her exchange experience can be found in this Spanish student’s Youtube channel, Monre TV.

How did you get the idea of recording your exchange experience in Chile?

Well, I have always been passionate about video editing, as well as recording and working the camera. I usually record my trips, but I have never done it thinking of public videos. And so, I got the idea of posting videos in Youtube thinking it could be a good way for the people who knows me in Pamplona could be updated about the things I was doing in my exchange program. I also thought it could be beneficial for other students who were interested in coming to Chile for an exchange program.

How has been the reaction from the public about your videos?

The interactions have been really good. I’m amazed about the number of Chileans following me. I knew that the people who knew was going to be interested, but I never imagined I would have so many Chilean followers, who are in fact the majority. At the moment they like the videos for the comments they leave, and I hope to keep it like that.

Why did you decide to come to Chile?

I came to Chile for an exchange program because, first of all, I wanted to come to a country in South America. I have always felt an attraction to the culture and the place, and even though a lot of people were saying that you don’t have the advantage of learning a new language, I was looking for a place where I could travel and learn a new culture, I could also improve my journalist abilities. And the reason why I chose Chile among the other countries in South America was the security and also the many possibilities to travel and the variety of landscapes.

What do you like of Chile the most?

The Chileans, they welcome foreigners really well. In general, they are nice and they help you integrate.

If you had to share your experience with other international students, what would you tell them?

I would tell them that Chile is a country that offers you an amazing cultural experience, its food and its people, and also so many places to travel. You have the advantage to have all kinds of landscapes and also being close to other countries in South America, that you can travel to visit. Also, adding that Chileans are nice people who welcome you and who are eager to share their culture with you.