María Consuelo Torras

Argentina, 2016, Law School, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

Thanks to the international agreement that UBO holds with the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, in Argentina, María Consuelo Torras was able to arrive to our country to attend one semester at the Law School.

The 23 year old Argentinian student, two months after her arrival, expresses that: “at the moment, my experience has been excellent in everything related to my classes, classmates, teachers and the staff at UBO. The classes are very interesting and the experiences are very enriching”.

María Consuelo thinks that it is very important to participate in exchange programs, because it is very rewarding for a law student to get to know the laws in another country, she also expresses that “this is not only an academic exchange but also a cultural one, and that is what I like the most. To have the opportunity to study the Chilean law is very enriching for my professional life because it allows me to employ concepts, make comparative analysis and harness new disciplines”.

The student also expressed that: “I chose UBO because I think it is a university that is committed to its students and education”.

Finally, Maria Consuelo highlighted: “I would totally recommend UBO to my Argentinian classmates, because at the moment my experience has been very good. I think this is an excellent place to study and make friends at the same time”.

Even though the law student arrived recently to our country, she expressed that it has been very important for her to learn about Chile, widen her knowledge and live new experiences.