Maria Angélica Meza foto de perfil

María Angélica Meza – UBO

Colombia, 2016, Occupational Therapy, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

Thanks to the agreement that UBO holds with Universidad Manuela Beltrán (Bucaramanga), in Colombia, María Angélica Meza arrived to our country to attend one semester studying Occupational Therapy.

After a few months from her arrival at UBO, the 23 years old Colombian student expressed that: “I chose UBO because the Coordinator of UBO’s Occupational Therapy department went to Colombia last year; she talked about the university, the career and told me about Chile, so I got more convinced to make this trip a reality”.

She also added: “I really enjoyed being in Chile, this has been a very enriching experience in every aspect of my life. This has exceeded all my expectations. I don’t regret participating in this exchange program because ever since I took that plane, I’ve only gained great experiences; I don’t know of failure.”

María Angélica explains that even though she left her country, her family and culture, it’s very important for her to experience new things, overcome new challenges and being independent, in order to acquire new knowledge and and strategies.

Finally, she expressed: “I would recommend any kind of exchange program, the important things is to experience it, it is so rewarding. UBO has welcomed me so much and will do the same for anyone else”.