Marco Quispe

Peru, 2017, Master in Marine Ecology, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

The beginning of my experience in the Master in Marine Ecology was very demanding and very interesting, since it is known that the level of the UCSC in the field of marine sciences is high.

Classes are not only developed by the tutor of the course, but also by collaborating teachers, each with a clear researcher vision. This helps to ensure good interaction between teacher and student; here the teacher helps us to develop the reasoning capacities in the research through readings of scientific papers and discussions and reasoning of information that, with the support of the teachers, allows a better understanding of how science should be done.

The use of digital technology in ecology is also important; we work in the field during diving and we also have laboratories available for research. The presence of professors of wide professional experience helps us to improve each day by showing us our weaknesses and how we should overcome them in order not to have problems in the future.