Lucas Martins – UBO

Brazil, 2015, Civil Engineering, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

With mixed feelings and an experience that he will never forget, Lucas Martins, a student of Civil Engineering at Grupo Educacional UNIS, returns to Brazil after his one-semester exchange at Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins, a program managed by the International Relations Direction of the same university.

Why did you want to participate in an exchange program?

I wanted to know another culture, besides it is an amazing experience. I always wanted to live an international experience to change my personal performance and I think I achieved that at Universidad Bernando O’Higgins.

How was your experience studying at UBO?

Studying at UBO has been a nice and productive experience. The faculty has good teaching methods and provides students with experiences related to social and cultural movements.

What do think about living in Chile, a country you knew little about?

My experience has been amazing. I have nothing to complain about. When I go back to Brazil I will miss the friends I made here, which are a lot, and the beautiful natural landscapes in Chile, which are amazing

You would come back to Chile, then…

The first chance I have, I will come back to Chile, but on vacation. There is still much to know and travel in this country that hosted me for five months.

In conclusion, would you recommend your classmates to participate in an exchange program?

I recommend participating in an exchange program without a doubt. By doing so, you get away from your comfort zone and experience different situations, which make you grow as a person and professionally.