Luana Magueta

Brazil, 2013, Occupational therapy

I want to thank Universidad Mayor for my exchange experience from August to December 2013.

It was a beautiful experience, I have learned a lot at University and through all Chile. I will never forget the wonderful moments I lived and how they enhanced my life perspectives.

I am saddened, because unfortunately I will not be able to be here with all of you again during first semester 2014. My heart is half Chilean, today I am not 100% Brazilian, but half Chilean and half Brazilian, thanks to this amazing opportunity.

This academic exchange was a good and nice experience. At Universidad Mayor I learned many things, not only professionally but also personally. I feel fortunate, because I had the chance of getting to know a surprising country, in which I met amazing people who I will never forget. My professors at Chile were outstanding professionals, and now I carry each one of them in my heart. I’m sure I’ll go back to Chile someday with a big smile, since I already miss this charming country.

I thank specially to all the UM international relations team, for all the emails, the conversations, trips, classes, all the attention given… and also for caring for me, along with all exchange students. You are the best, I have no words to describe my gratitude. Hugs to all of you from a very happy international student.