Lidia Falcón

Lidia Falcón – UAutonoma

Spain, 2015, Law, Universidad Autónoma de Chile

Universidad Autónoma gave me a warm reception, especially my classmates, who welcomed me with open arms. I arrived in the middle of the semester, but they always helped me answering any questions I had.

In Chile, the law career is annual, while in Spain it is quarterly, so I had to come for one year. Here, the mode of teaching is different, much more consistent, we had more tests and in the end I was grateful for that. I think students are well prepared, because they have the possibility to practice before graduating in legal clinics, and that is unthinkable in Spain.

My experience in Chile has been very rewarding. It’s a country that I love, that has something different from Spain, where you can see different cultures and lifestyles. The truth is that you learn a lot. I wanted the experience of coming to Latin America at some point in my life. I could come to take university studies and that helped me in my personal and professional development in particular.