Li Tanairi Cruz rostro

Li Tanairí Cruz

Mexico, International Business, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

My time at UCSC was amazing. I was able to work with very good teachers who helped me develop as a professional in my field as well as find a focus on the special area that I would like to work in professionally in the future. This was thanks to the support they gave me to do my internship as a shipping agent at the company AGUNSA.

However, what I will never forget about my time in Chile was having the opportunity to meet and live with people from many different nationalities: Colombian, Peruvian, German, Chinese, Australian and most of all the Chileans, whose hospitality and joyfulness made me feel right at home. With my Chilean friends I learned and enjoyed Chilean culture through its national celebrations, traditions, habits, customs and more.

It’s for this reason I recommend to any student who wants to extend their training either in Spanish or in any area of study, do not hesitate in doing an exchange program with UCSC. It’s located in a region of Chile with so many wonderful places to visit; it may open opportunities to learn more about things you thought you already knew.