Leticia foto

Leticia Gil

Brazil, 2015, Creative Literature

As soon as she finished school, the Brazilian Leticia Gil traveled around Europe, but this time, about to finish her studies at the Sao Paulo University, she preferred to travel around South America due to its “potential and liveliness”. She chose Chile and arrived in July, 2014 to study Creative Literature at the University of Diego Portales.

Even though Chile and Brazil have a lot in common, and the fact that Sao Paulo and Santiago are both modern and thriving cities, Leticia explains that it has been a very enriching experience and very different from her college life in Brazil. “What I like the most about my class at UDP was the proximity with the teachers, since the classes are small and not big as USP with 800 students, the teachers are much more approachable”, she explains.

Due to its geography, Leticia would recommend to other exchange students, including Brazilians, to come to Chile. Especially those studying architecture, because they can learn how to deal with earthquakes and other natural disasters. “I think the most interesting part of of my experience in Chile was the fact that I lived in a country that has recently recovered from a dictatorship and being able to be part of a culture very different from mine, one that is more structured and conservative”, she explains.