Lesly Quiñones Chaparro – USS

Mexico, 2013, Expeditions and Ecoturism Engineering , Universidad San Sebastián

When I had the chance of doing an international exchange, my first choice was immediately Chile. It appeared to me as a very interesting country because the education level is very high.

While doing my research to choose which of the programs offered by Universidad San Sebastián was more suitable for me, my best choice ended up being Expeditions and Ecoturism Engineering. I am very happy I selected that career, because it is a very complete program that leads to unforgettable partnership and learning experiences. The visits to surprising locations, the cultural trade during our trips to the countryside and the lessons learned in every place, are things that marked my life because they are all out of my daily routine, which made me get out of my comfort zone and live with really nice people.

While living in this country I realized that even though we all speak Spanish, we were no able to understand ourselves, because of all the local words used in each place. In order to understand each other we had to learn our local words and the meaning of those expressions that were unknown to us.

Honestly, this is an experience I wouldn’t change for nothing. Being in Santiago I believe it was the best option, since it’s connected to many places to go nearby. I would definitely go back to this portion of the World.