Laetitia Gallet

Laetitia Gallet – UAutonoma

France, Business Administration , Universidad Autónoma de Chile

What motivated me to come to Chile is the fact that this is a Spanish-speaking country, and a very safe one too. I had a very close relationship with students of all ages and people who work and study simultaneously, which was very interesting. Chilean culture also caught my attention; many of my Chilean girlfriends have children and are able to make their studies compatible with work and family life. Since my goal is to also have a family, I admire the drive of Chilean women, who are able to experience all these different sceneries.

I met Atacama and Torres del Paine, and in every trip I discovered amazing things. People in the south, for example, are super friendly. It was all an indescribable experience, specially when you get to see landscapes that are not found elsewhere in the world.

Here in Chile family is very important to everyone. I loved that people here were so hard working and had such high values.