Klara Albajes

Spain, 2007 - 2008

Honestly, when I decided to study abroad, my first choice was Norway. However, my admission was not successful and I chose a completely different option: Chile. I had the chance of choosing between Santiago and Temuco, but, since the beginning, I was fascinated by the idea of Temuco: a smaller, home city, which had more Chilean students than international. Easy choice!

When I arrived to Universidad Mayor for the first time, it felt very different from my home University (which has 91.656 students). Universidad Mayor is small, family-oriented and cozy. The environment is friendly and all the staff was very kind.

During the two-semester exchange, I met a lot of people and professors who marked my experience, like professor Miguel Calderón, from whom I learned tremendously, both professional and personally. Also, my classmates helped me in various aspects, and some of them are still very dear to me. I still keep a close relationship with some of them.

My experience in Temuco was so fulfilling, that as soon as my second semester ended, and so my time as an exchange student at Universidad Mayor, I decided to stay one more season to have the chance to keep sharing with my beloved ones, and to get to know better a culture that had me spellbound.

I ended up living practically two years in Temuco. During this time I traveled through other Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. Two years later, I went back for a month as a visitor. I lived a lot of emotions, I learned about life and, most of all, I got to know a beautiful culture that took me in as an adoptive daughter. I remember Chilean culture fondly, because, after all, I can say that a little part of me is already Chilean.