Kirill Komar

Austria, 2016, Journalism, Universidad de los Andes

14249866_1762041624035750_5342624450691006744_oKirill Komar arrived to Santiago at the end of July to participate in an exchange program at the Universidad de Los Andes and continue with his journalism studies. From Austria -his home country- he traveled to Chile to live this experience together with his brother, who, like him, decided to study abroad. For both, Chie was the first option in Latin America.

As a journalism student, Kirill has put into action his knowledge in communication through a Youtube channel called “Bluefish Productions”. Here, he talks about his adventures in our country, “My brother and I started making videos because we realized that there was a lack of interesting content for young people in our native language, German. So we were making interviews and funny videos that we would also be interested in watching. We make these videos because we are both attending an exchange semester, and we wanted to tell our audience about our experience in Chile”, he explains.

The food is what he likes the most about our country, expressing that “Chilean food is something else, but not good if you are trying to lose weight”. As soon as he had the opportunity, he traveled along our country: “I’ve been to Pichilemu and Valparaiso; this city is beautiful, very colorful. I also visited the Valle del Elqui, specifically Pisco Elqui, to learn more about the good pisco in Chile, and forget everything the next day”.

About his experience at Universidad de Los Andes, he expresses that “the campus is beautiful with an amazing view to Santiago. I like the class Latin American Business Development, from Mr. Nagel. I have learned a lot about Latin America”.

During his exchange program, the Austrian student’s experience has been good, especially because of the people he has spent time with. “I met a lot of nice people, Chileans always helped me to adapt to life here”.