Katharina Feyrer

Germany, Law

The dream of traveling to Latin America was born when I started studying Spanish in school.

I chose Chile as my study abroad destination. The idea of being away ‘on the other side of the world’ for half a year was very exciting. When I arrived to Chile, I didn’t know much about this beautiful country, other than the fact that it has the strongest economy in Latin America, and that many of our ancestors emigrated to the southern region on the country.

I was a little scared to leave my family and friends behind and go by myself 12.000 km away from home without knowing anyone. But it wasn’t long until I met very nice people. Besides, I learned that Chileans love to celebrate every possible occasion and that they are very proud of their country and history. That is something I haven’t lived in Germany and I really enjoyed it.

It is said that Valdivia is ‘the most beautiful city of Chile’. After spending four months here, I can attest the veracity of this phrase with all my heart. It is full of youth, thanks to Universidad Austral, and for me it has something special, perhaps because of the rivers surrounding it, the nature and the ocean so close.

For me, as an exchange student, Universidad Austral was the perfect choice: it places great importance on international exchange, and I felt very supported in everything I needed.

When reviewing over courses I chose to study, I was surprised that the Chilean judging system was stil so influenced by Spain and Germany.

Studying a semester at UACH was a unique and unforgettable experience. I got to know an amazing country, with nice and kind people. Five months were not enough to visit and experience everything I would have liked, so that gives me a reason to come back someday.