Kate Landis

United States, 2015, Pedagogy

Kate is from USA, and came to Chile in July 2014 to study at Universidad Diego Portales. “I chose Chile because many friends had recommended it to me, and I’m so glad they did! It was definitely the right choice. In fact, I decided to stay in Chile an extra semester to improve my Spanish, and not go to Copenhagen as planned.”

“I love big cities with lots of culture and Santiago has all that and more. My favorite places are Lastarria, a quaint little neighborhood. I also enjoy visiting poet, Pablo Neruda’s house, La Chascona. I love his eclectic style. And the view of the snowcapped Andes Mountains never gets old!”

“I also really love all of the cheap and fresh fruits and vegetables that are on every street corner in Santiago. My new favorite vegetable is the artichoke. In the United States it is not common to eat a complete artichoke leaf by leaf, but it is so delicious! Another of my favorite Chilean dishes is “porotos,” which is like a bean stew.”


Besides Santiago, Kate has been able to travel to other places in Chile, including San Pedro de Atacama, the driest desert in the world, Valparaiso, a charming port just west of Santiago, Easter Island, with all of its rich history, and Torres del Paine in Patagoina with it’s incredible landscapes.