Juan Carlos Carmona

Colombia, 2016, Psychology school, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

Thanks to the international agreement that Universidad Bernardo O´Higgins holds with Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Juan Carlos Carmona arrived to our country to attend one semester at the Psychology school.

The 29 year old Colombian student, after 2 months of his arrival at UBO expressed that: “My experience has been more than gratifying, because ever since the beginning, the interaction with my classmates, teachers and staff from UBO has been welcoming and amicable”.

Juan Carlos assures that without a doubt he would recommend UBO, because this kind of experience covers a large cultural enrichment area, and the university fully understands that and he is very thankful for that.

Living in Chile has allowed me to realize that Latin people are not that different; we are frame by a common history and a present that requires our personal contribution to face the problems affecting our countries. We need to be tolerant and understand that the differences are in our head, and so, in our attitude to face situations”, expressed the student.

“I’ve had fun, learned and shared as never before”, concludes Juan Carlos.