Van Der Vaart - Lota El Chiflon del Diablo

Hieke Van der Vaart

Netherlands, Journalism

I could describe my experience in Chile as something typically Chilean, yet also internationalized. This is because I came with a group of classmates from Spain, Germany, Romania, Denmark and Italy, but I also met many Chileans These friends took me to Persa Bio Bio, to Parque Forestal, to the fondas of September 18, and to their homes where there was always an “asado”, “carrete”, or “oncesita”.

In my journalism classes I had colleagues who always integrated into the group, in addition, there was an opportunity to do additional activities, workshops and volunteer work. I also really enjoyed visiting Valparaíso, Concepción and San Pedro de Atacama. It was on this trip where I fell in love with Chile, and now, four years after my exchange trip, I’ve returned to live here.