Asumi Hasegawa – PUCV

Japan, 2015, Spanish program, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Hasegawa Asumi arrived to Valparaiso at the end of April to join the Spanish program with specific purposes offered by PUCV. She chose Chile because of “the various business, the important foreign investment with the copper industry and the fact that it is a much safer country than any other in South America.”

About Valparaiso, she thinks that “It is a beautiful place. The houses are so colorful and there are a lot of graffiti. It’s a very artistic city.” She also confesses that “I was surprised about the tidiness. The streets are clean, the malls and supermarkets are well developed and you can find all the products and food you needed. It is very functional city, more than I was expecting.”

In regards to her Spanish classes, Hasegawa thinks she is lucky because “the classes are small, in my case I only have 3 students including me, so it gives me the opportunity to ask questions and practice.” She explains she can understand the Spanish spoken by her teachers, but it is hard for her to understand Chileans. “The Chilean Spanish is very different from the Spanish spoken in Spain, it has different words and it’s much faster here.”