Han Xu

Han Xu – UST

China, 2011, Santo Tomás Educación Superior

In general , the cultural exchange that I lived was a fantastic and memorable experience. I made friends with people from all over the world, and traveled through most of Chile, working as an interpreter for various companies and, most importantly, learning the language and culture in this beautiful and diverse country with its super friendly people.

Regarding the academic experience, I believe Santo Tomás University has many excellent teachers. Each professor has its own personal teaching method. For example, one of them, instead of making us complete a test paper, preferred to teach us by making us watch the movie “Nostalgia” , and this helped me to understand more properly the history of Chile. In Chile the teaching environment is more open and relaxed, compared to China: This is the main difference that I experienced. Therefore, students can take time to understand and develop.

After returning to my country, this academic experience helped me to find work. And I think that very soon I will return to this beautiful country to work and live with my Chilean friends!