Haley Rose Fehling – UBO

United States, 2015, Commercial Engineering, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

The American student Haley Rose Fehling is 22 years old and comes from Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA. She arrived to our country on February 28th of this year to join in March the Commercial Engineer degree at the Engineer and Administration Faculty.

“I’ve taken economy classes in the United States, but the Chilean Economy class opened my eyes in how other systems work in the world”, explains the student. She also said that she had visited the country a couple of years ago, so it was an easy decision for her when selecting a country, although she says she has a good foundation in Spanish, the language was an “issue” during her exchange program. “I tend to speak with a Mexican accent, so it took me some time to get used to the way Chileans speak” explains Haley Rose Fehling. 

Besides the academics, she said that she learned more about herself as a person and how to grow in a complicated environment. The Commercial Engineer student, also had the privilege of traveling in the country visiting places like: Putaendo and Isla Negra.