Georg Weigand

Germany, 2016, Cinema and Philosophy, Universidad de Valparaíso

I’m German, from the Konstanz University. I just started my Masters there, which literally translates to “The cultural base of Europe”. The city I come from is called Konstanz, “Constanza” in its Spanish version. It is located in the south of Germany, where the biggest lake of my country is located, as well as the border with Switzerland. I’m studying Cinema and Philosophy here in Chile. I was able to participate in this exchange program thanks to an agreement between my university and the University of Valparaiso.

I like the UV in general. The architecture faculty has a very artistic atmosphere and people are super cool. The teachers respect us and they are passionate. I like their good and open attitude as well as the artistic atmosphere and the students.

I love Valparaiso, without over reacting; I love it and it has enchanted me. It’s full of culture, it’s diverse and each day it’s different and more interesting; with its view to the ocean, all the different hills, the art and the graffiti. According to me, it is the “city of festivals”. There is a new festival each week. I feel very happy and motivated in this city. As a fan of culture, I believe that it is a “val-paradise” even though there is the need of a bigger park or more green areas in general.

I traveled around Chile. This time I visited the south, Osorno, Frutillar, Puerto Varas and Valdivia. This is not the first time that I’m in the country, so I’ve been to the north and south before, through Chiloe. I also traveled to Petorca and its surroundings for a documentary project.

What I’ve liked about Chile the most has been the diversity of its nature. It has regions and areas that are so different, with a different weather, with different landscapes and different cultures and people. From what I’ve seen, I prefer the south with its forests, rivers and amazing landscapes, and the region of Valparaiso. The ocean, the city and national parks are very near. Santiago and Argentina are not too far. During this time living in Chile, I had the chance to look more deeply into the Chilean life and society. Not only as a foreigner, but as a student who is living here for a couple of months.

It is a dynamic country that wants to progress. But, as any other part of the world, it has problems, like inequality in several aspects of society. This has been very interesting and very important to understand for me.

To any international student out there, I would tell them to have no doubts in coming to this country, especially to the city of Valparaíso. Chile has so much culture and art, nice people and a unique nature.