Gemma Alba

Mexico, Journalist

I chose to make a double degree in Chile because it is a country rich in culture and gastronomy; the education is the best in Latin America and there is an excellent quality of life. With regard to Santiago , the streets are safe and clean . I also knew it was not going to have problems because they receive very well to foreigners , and that Chile is very popular in my country mentioned . Chile has always been my first choice was the idea that we first had to know my territories, or Latin America .

Before choosing where to study inquired about the prestige of universities and stayed with the U. Andrés Bello. The journalism curriculum fully docked to my interests . Encounter learn how here is correct, that is, based on analysis for learning. That is something that few universities in Mexico is practiced. Moreover, the location of the university and facilities seemed very convenient and extra-curricular activities offered , such as cultural and sporting activities. “

In addition to fulfilling my main objective was to study , on my vacation I traveled all over Chile and even met nearby countries ( Argentina , Uruguay and Brazil ) . So many adventures and unforgettable experiences ! I formed friendship networks with several countries and also appreciated a wide variety of landscapes. Watch the sunrise over the foothills of the Torres del Paine and photographing condors and guanacos huemules ( among others) has been of the best memories of my life.

Finally , when I got my double degree as communicologist Journalist and I decided to stay in Chile