Julia Greenwald – UMAG

United States, 2015, Chemistry, Universidad de Magallanes

“I´ve never seen a place like Punta Arenas, it is very special to live in the edge of the world”.

The American student Julia Greenwald is 23 years old and she is a graduate  student from Carleton College, Minnesota, her home country.

Interested in science, the Antarctic and the environment, Julia Greenwald started her experience at Universidad de Magallanes, at the Dirección de Programas Antárticos (DPA) together with the investigator Pedro Cid Agüero, with whom she works in the study of cryoprotection mechanisms of antarctic microalgae and its applications to the generation of biofuel.

“I´m very interested in analytical chemistry and Dr. Cid is in the line of investigation that I chose. He bought a gas chromatograph, which is an analytical instrument, so I’m very excited to install this machine in the lab and have the opportunity of not only do investigations, but also being present during the installation process, programming, etc. overall, the complete process of setting it up at the lab and use it for the analysis of the chemical components of algae” she explained.

Regarding her experience in Punta Arenas, Julia acknowledges the fact that “living in the edge of the world gives me the sense of solitude, but at the same time, the city has a high quality of life, you can find anything you need and you can´t get bored, there’s always a change”. Julia thinks that coming to Punta Arenas is a good experience for an exchange student. “I have visited several places in my life, but I’ve never seen a place like this, everything is so different here that makes it a unique experience.”