Florian Paulistsch

Austria, 2016, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Florian Paulistsch came to Chile for an exchange program exclusively to learn Spanish through the programs offered by Universidad Santa María. Just a few days before finishing his courses, Florian tells us in an almost perfect Spanish about his experience studying in our country.

“Three friends came to Chile before me, to Valparaiso too. I also wanted to learn the Latin American Spanish and not the one from Spain, so I decided to come here”

“I like Chile but I wouldn’t live here, there is a lot of vacation time, but to do an exchange program I would recommend it a 100%. Everything is so relaxed here, and because we are not so used to that, it hard for us”.

“What I liked about Chile the most was the diversity that the country offers. In the north I visited San Pedro de Atacama, Valle del Elqui, and Cajón del Maipo near to Santiago; now I will go the opposite direction, to the south to visit the glaciers and mountains from the Patagonia”.