Felix Soltau – UAndes

Germany, 2013, Business Administration , Universidad de los Andes

In Germany I lived with a friend, but I had my family close in case anything happened. I wanted to be independent, so I decided to study abroad to know other cultures, have a new experience and live on my own.

I chose to come to Chile because of the language, which is very important when you are looking for a job. Germany’s economy is all about exportation and Latin America is an interesting developing market.

My experience at University of the Andes was very good. All foreign students have a host-student -called “godfather” or “godmother”- assigned when they arrive to UANDES. My godfather helped me  get used to meeting people and knowing little things like where to buy a phone card, for example. In general, Chileans are very open and friendly, very helpful.

I’ve had a great time in Chile. Time passes so fast. Living here really helped me learn Spanish language. To study and speak in another language on daily bases is very helpful!