Portada Ezera Miller

Ezera Miller-Walfish

United States, International Relations

This semester, my university in USA gave me the opportunity to study in Valparaiso, Chile, at Universidad de Playa Ancha, for five months.
Before coming, I’ve never lived in another city, and I’m very grateful that Valparaiso was the first one, because it’s a magical city with a very nice environment, which gave me a warm welcome into this country.

My experience in Chile has been very gratifying; I met many new people, experienced a culture different than my own, practiced my Spanish and learned a lot at the university. Even though I study International Relations in USA, I wanted to learn more about Chile during my time in Valparaiso; this is why I took courses on Chilean geography, Chilean history, and Chilean political processes. I enjoyed them, and now I feel I didn’t just lived in Chile, but I also learned more about its more subtle aspects. Besides getting to know more about its geography at the university, I was lucky enough to travel along the country during the semester; to Valdivia, the Andes Mountain Range and La Serena. Every trip was another example of the diverse and fantastic landscapes of Chile. In general, it was an amazing experience that transformed me in more ways that I can explain.