Eva Laura Günzel

Eva Laura Günzel

Germany, 2017, Social Sciences, Universidad de La Serena

I´ve always been interested in studying abroad. I had previously gone to Mexico, and when I had the opportunity to travel again I chose Chile because it’s a very interesting country because of the people, wildlife and landscapes, and overall way of life. Besides, I have a friend who is very close to me and is Chilean, so she told me to come to La Serena, because it’s a quiet city, the university is very good and has a very familiar environment.

All my expectations were met; actually it was better than expected. Life, university and my classes, everything happened with ease and I have plenty of Chilean and exchange friends. Definitely, it exceeded my expectations.

In Germany I study International Relations and Political Sciences. In the Universidad de la Serena they don’t have this program, but I had the freedom to pick and choose my courses from different programs that interested me: Journalism, History Teacher Training, and Geography and Design. It turned out really well, because the students and teachers are very different in every program and the contents were so different.

Universidad de la Serena has an International Relations Office, which supports you since before the trip, sending contact numbers for accommodations and other useful information. They helped us so much and the best thing is that they have a tutor program to help us get settled into local university life. There wasn’t anything like that in Mexico. In Germany it´s one tutor for 20 people, but here it’s one on one, which helped us so much.