Eder Paelo – UST

Brazil, 2014, Santo Tomás Educación Superior

My experience in Chile is still amazing. I’m making friends with people all over the world, and through the exchange program I’m meeting wonderful people, like my friends from Brazil, Chile and different countries studying in UST and other Chilean universities.

I like living in Santiago. It’s very different from my home city in Brazil, but I miss my city too. After two months in Chile, I’ve traveled from the snowy mountains to the Pacific Ocean, and now I’ll know the desert. On each trip, I’m more charmed with the magnificence of this country, whose natural beauties are so different from those of my own.

One of the most important things when I chose to study in Chile was to be able to learn and practice more Spanish, and I think I’ll probably go back to my country speaking the language very well and even the Chilean slang.

As for the Universidad de Santo Tomas, I think it is an excellent university; they have good teachers and a good infrastructure for students too. I’m staying in Santiago until December and I’m taking advantage of every moment, as they’ll surely take an unforgettable part in my life.