Diego Arroyo Gutiérrez – PUCV

Spain, Art Institute, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

While I was in Chile, what struck me the most was the pride, warmth, and fraternity among its people. The most remarkable thing in my university was the familiarity and closeness that the teacher used with the students, something that’s unusual in Europe.

We used to travel often with my friends, and it was great to enjoy the Chilean nature.

We travelled to Atacama, and the far South to Torres del Paine, and we also visited Argentina. I also attended plenty of other cultural activities that were often held in Valparaiso. Being in Chile was a useful experience, where I got to perceive a culture in a very pleasant way. An experience with sentimental threads of the friends I made. Truly recommended, as a matter of fact, I plan to go back.